Usage Guideline

Byndr is meant to be fun and about your freedom to express yourself. We want that and encourage it! Having said that, it does not mean that we will allow you to upload a photo of you with your most prized possession! We know it can look lovely.

We have to honor some guidelines by our partners Apple and Google, among others. If we don’t Byndr gets pulled quicker than you can imagine… Then the question is, was your ability to show the world your naughty bits worth Byndr being taken off the air?

Here comes the list of things you can’t do. Please remember that this is a guide, not a ‘law’ so even if you think you meet all requirements, we might still reject your photo. We are not obliged to put your photo back up just because you feel some guy next door has a naughtier photo. We are not picking on, targeting, or singling out anyone. We reserve the right to remove any photo and/or text we feel like, for any reasons we might feel are inappropriate. Some of these guidelines may be subject to interpretation, it will then be our interpretation that is final. All decisions regarding these guidelines are based on the discretion of Byndr!

To find out how we expect you to act towards others, please go to our Etiquette Guide.

Etiquette Guide

Byndr is first and foremost a place for our members to have fun and express themselves. It’s a safe place you can come to and connect with like-minded people from the LGBTQ+ community, in an environment of mutual respect and understanding.

We are all human beings with our own opinions, thoughts and emotions. We should all respect those of others. We are not living in a make-believe world. We know everyone has their own likes and dislikes and it’s not all a big love-fest. Some people just aren’t going to be compatible. However just because someone is not your cup of tea, or holds different views, does not give you the right to be rude to them.

Having said that, blocking is a useful way to remove a person from your safe space. Do not get into a big argument with that person as arguments can quickly escalate. Byndr, regardless of who started the fight, will suspend both accounts if both start throwing shade at each other. If someone is being abusive, then report them to us.

We are a diverse lot on Byndr. All with different standards, morals, values, opinions, and ideas. Do not assume that because you find something acceptable, everyone else does. Make a connection with people first and get to know them.


Photo Guidelines

Things that are not allowed on Byndr including but not limited to:

  • Nudity. No genitals. Not even a peek, including butt and side-butt.
  • Children – anyone under the age of 18. Absolutely no exceptions whatsoever!
  • Photos that aren’t you (celebs, your ex, that guy you hate, etc).
  • Genitals covered up by a towel, hat, tea cup, bed sheet, etc.
  • No grabbing, holding or touching genitals or genital area. That includes through your shorts or clothing.
  • Erection or outline of genitals through clothing. The bigger the bulge, the more likely it will be rejected. If we can tell if you are circumcised or can clearly see your meat and 2 veg then it’s a no from us.
  • Firearms or weapons (real or not). We really don’t care if it’s a joke – it’s still a no for us.
  • Animals in a sexual position!
  • Images that display semen (or any fluid made to look like semen or ejaculation).
  • Scat, Watersports, blood violence, including real or fake, or artist's impression – all banned.
  • Sexually explicit, graphic, or overly suggestive photos (even if no actual nudity is shown).
  • Sex toys, props or anything that can be deemed as such.

In addition, the following, while not so obvious, will still be banned:

  • Public hair, even if it is just a tiny wisp over the top of your shorts. We know where public hair stops, and belly hair begins.
  • Photos with only underpants being worn (on the bottom half of the body).
  • Photos of any obscene gestures and/or lewd behavior.
  • Illegal drug use or drug paraphernalia – if it looks dodgy, it’s a no-no. Also includes drug use in a State or Country where it may be illegal.
  • Overly graphic photos.
  • Depictions of underage drinking – anyone who looks young will have photos rejected.
  • External contact information (email, addresses, phone numbers, etc).
  • Drawings, paintings, cartoons, artwork or overly stylized photographs.
  • Image used to advertise services, goods, events, websites, or apps.
  • Copyrighted or photographer marked images or illustrations.
  • No profanity or curse words. Includes holding up paper with curse words written on it.
  • Photo of just the crotch: front, side, back, pixelated, clothed, whatever. This would include a photo taken from the waist down. If the main focus is on the crotch, it’s not allowed.
  • Photos of animals that are in pain or distress, including depictions of blood sports.
  • Extreme close-up photos, photos where it is unclear what the photo is of.
  • Photos which are gross, disgusting, nasty, yucky, terrible, repugnant…

Now on to the profile itself. Things that are not allowed on the profile name, headline, description, etc. including but not limited to:

  • Text referring to genital size/description or sexual acts.
  • Sexually explicit or overly suggestive text.
  • Disparaging or offensive remarks about Byndr or any of its users in profile text, headline text, user names and photos.
  • Racial remarks in profile text, headline text, user names and photos.
  • Advertising of services, goods, events, websites or apps. This includes the basic mention of massages and escorting.
  • Mention of illegal drugs or text referring to “party”.
  • Profanity or curse words, including abbreviations, masking and fill-ins.

If you see any photos on Byndr that contravene these guidelines, please report them through the app. We get thousands of photos to approve every day and occasionally we make a mistake and allow a photo that we shouldn’t. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Remark: All photo approvals and classifications are based on the discretion of Byndr. Photos posted to Byndr are reviewed and approved in the order in which they are received.